Mindfulness Day March 10

March 10 is  Sashbear’s Mindfulness Day

In this year’s Mindfulness Day video, Shining a Light on Relationship Mindfulness, Sashbear spoke with families, loved ones who live with emotion dysregulation, and mental health experts about mindfulness. We can use mindfulness to stay more present and less reactive, and thereby strengthen our relationships. Mindfulness can also help family members pay attention to their own emotional experience and tend to their own well-being. Mindfulness can help family members to better balance their loved one’s needs with their own needs. We hope this video inspires you to be more mindful in your own life.

Every year, Sashbear recognizes March 10 as Mindfulness Day. Sashbear’s co-founders, Lynn and Mike, lost their daughter Sasha to suicide in 2011. They wanted to remember her birthday in a way that would bring hope to others – by encouraging us all to focus on the important skills of mindfulness.

Mindfulness Day is an opportunity to reflect on the value of putting our focus on the present, without judgments and with the intention of paying attention to what is happening to us in this moment—in essence, to focus on living our life on this day and truly experience the full breadth of what that feels like. To do that we must notice with curiosity and with all our senses what is happening around us— no need to evaluate anything, the goal is to just participate in the moment as it is in front of us.

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Mindfulness videos

Our series of mindfulness videos reveal the importance of mindfulness, and provide suggestions for being mindful in our everyday lives. There are also presentations on mindfulness in our Expert Education Series.

How much would you value experiencing every moment of your life? To actively participate in it without judgments and find out what you have been missing? On Mindfulness Day, (and hopefully every day) let’s be mindful—you never know what you will notice in the moment.


“Mindfulness can help us focus on what is important to us in every moment, regardless of whether the moment is pleasant or difficult. When the moment is difficult, our own judgments and our own rising emotions can literally block us from being skillful. In those circumstances, imagine mindfulness as an invisible shield that filters out attacks and inaccurate expressions coming at us from others. Allow your shield of mindfulness to convert the attacking words into our own curiosity and compassion, to see what makes sense from the other person’s perspective, and to bring us toward understanding.”

– Mike Menu, Sashbear co-founder