Expert Education Series

Sashbear’s Expert Education Series is a series of free, online, monthly presentations with international experts speaking on topics related to emotion dysregulation and family skills.

Whether you are a relative or friend, a person with lived experience of BPD, or a mental health service provider, you will find something in our library of presentations to help you understand more about BPD and emotion dysregulation.

Upcoming Presentations

Janna Hobbs, LICSW

Michael Hollander, PhD

Wednesday Sept. 27, 7pm EDT

Self Injury – The Family’s Role

Michael Hollander, Ph.D. and Jana Hobbs, LICSW, co-founders of McLean Hospital’s 3East, Boston

Presenters Michael Hollander and Janna Hobbs will provide an overview of self-injury and the functions it may serve for someone who self-injures. They will also provide strategies for families members to manage their emotions when there is self-injury in the family, including the skill of Radical Acceptance.

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Dr. Debbie Leung

Wednesday, October 11, 2023 7pm ET

Relationship Rupture and Repair

Dr. Debbie Leung, R.Psych., Director of Wise Mind Centre, Vancouver

Full details will follow.

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Brandon Unruh, M.D.

Wednesday, December 13, 2023 7pm ET

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Brandon Unruh, M.D., Medical Director at Gunderson Residence, McLean Hospital

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Recordings of Recent Presentations
In case of a crisis with an exquisitely sensitive kid—How to put your mask on first, before helping your child: DBT Skills for Parents
Leading Through Lived Experience
Adapting DBT for Autistic People with Emotion Dysregulation Challenges
Library of Recorded Presentations

Explore our library of more than 25 presentations. We are adding more all the time. Head over to YouTube to start learning.

Explore our Library of Expert Education Presentations on YouTube

Topics include:

  • Lived experience — living with borderline personality disorder
  • Skills for family members — learning about dialectical thinking, relationship mindfulness, validation, and more
  • Mental health disorders — what does emotional dysregulation look like when someone also has another mental health disorder such as PTSD or OCD
  • Concerning behaviours — Gain understanding and skills to cope if your loved one is dealing with substance use, self-harm, or an eating disorder
  • Trauma — Learn about the intersection of trauma and BPD. Recognize the potential and impact of trauma on family members
  • Suicide, grief and loss
  • Evidence-based treatment modalities — Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Mentalization Based Therapy, Radically Open DBT, Mindfulness
  • Indigenous cultural safety and awareness

Featured Presentations

Understanding Emotion Dysregulation
Finding Balance Through Dialectics
DBT Skills for Family Members
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