Family Connections

Family ConnectionsTM (FC) is an evidence-based 24-hour group program for people who are in a relationship with someone who has emotion dysregulation or related problems. It is provided free of charge to participants.

Family ConnectionsTM provides skills, support and hope for family members or friends of someone with emotion dysregulation, to regain balance in their lives. Sashbear delivers this international, evidence-based program throughout Canada in both French and English, provided by trained peer family members who speak from personal experience.

Family ConnectionsTM provides:

  • Education on emotion dysregulation and five areas of dysregulation.
  • Individual skills based on dialectical behaviour therapy to understand and manage your emotions, and to regain balance in your life.
  • Relationship skills to help you be effective in your relationship with compassion and empathy.
  • Communication skills to promote collaboration and effective discussion around problem situations.
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Sashbear provides Family ConnectionsTM in both English and French. For French groups, see our French website.

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What can I expect?

All groups are currently being offered online using Zoom.

Family ConnectionsTM is a peer-to-peer program offered in small groups. Groups are facilitated by trained leaders who are usually family members of someone with emotion dysregulation. Groups include discussion, videos, and skill practice. There is no charge for participants.

In addition to the 12-week format, Sashbear offers Family ConnectionsTM in a two-weekend intensive format, usually in a larger group.

“Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up bringing the biggest and most rewarding step in your life. Taking the Family ConnectionsTM course at Sashbear was a life changing experience. It gave my family the tools necessary to cope with daily life struggles.”

Is There any Research on Family Connections?TM

The Family ConnectionsTM program was developed by practicing clinicians/researchers (Dr. Alan Fruzzetti and Dr. Perry Hoffman) based on their research as well as their significant professional expertise in counselling people with emotion dysregulation or BPD and their loved ones. FC was developed in consultation with family members.

Several research studies have shown improvements in family members’ sense of grief, burden and depression, and an increase in their sense of mastery and empowerment. The Family ConnectionsTM program is available in over 20 countries and is coordinated internationally by National Education Alliance for Borderline Personality Disorder (NEABPD). Sashbear oversees and provides Family ConnectionsTM in Canada.

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