The Sashbear Walk

The Sashbear Walk has been an annual event since 2013, bringing together families, friends, those with lived experience, mental health providers and supporters throughout the community to create a sea of orange in support of those with emotion dysregulation.

This annual walk is the largest event of its kind in Canada for emotion dysregulation and borderline personality disorder, and is now held in 5 major cities and many other communities each year.

People come together to raise awareness, reduce stigma, and make waves for mental health—a journey to provide hope of a life worth living, for all.

2023 Sashbear Walk DETAILS
2023 Sashbear Walk

The 2023 Sashbear Walk will be held in these cities, and anywhere else you are walking in your own community or connecting virtually with Sashbear in mind:

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The Sashbear Walk through the years…

Our mascot — SashBear
Sashbear's mascot at the Sashbear Walk
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