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Les webinaires de la série de webinaires d’experts en ligne de Sashbear sont des présentations mensuelles d’experts internationaux sur des sujets liés à la dysrégulation des émotions et sur des compétences éprouvées pour les proches. Ces webinaires sont offerts gratuitement par Sashbear. Nous espérons pouvoir vous en présenter en français dans un avenir proche, mais en attendant, tous ces webinaires sont en anglais.

Que vous soyez un ou une proche, un ami ou une amie d’une personne qui vit avec une dysregulation émotionnelle, une personne qui vit avec le TPL ou une dysregulation émotionnelle, ou encore un fournisseur de services de santé mentale, vous trouverez quelque chose dans notre série de webinaires qui vous aidera à en apprendre davantage sur le TPL et la dysrégulation émotionnelle.

Upcoming Presentations

Dr. Gillian Galen, PsyD

Wed., May 15, 7pm ET

What Do I Do with All of MY Emotions?

Supporting Parents So Their Emotions Do Not Get in the Way

Gillian C. Galen, PsyD, is a senior child and adolescent psychologist specializing in dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). She is the program director of the 3East DBT residential programs and the director of training for the 3East continuum at McLean Hospital, Boston. She has extensive experience diagnosing and treating adolescents and young adults who struggle with emotion dysregulation, anxiety, depression, trauma, self-injury and suicidal behaviors. Dr. Galen is the co-author of several books, most recently “DBT for Dummies.”

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Peter Bombaci

Wed., July 10, 7pm ET

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Pete is the founder of GenWell and is proud to be leading a movement that he truly believes can make the world a happier and healthier place. Formerly the Canadian Country Director for Movember Canada, Pete led an amazing team of people responsible for raising $142 million dollars over five years, and putting a much needed lens on men’s health. Having spent time in the for-profit and not-for-profit worlds, Pete believes that there is a great opportunity to combine the interests of business, schools, government, foundations and individuals in the solution to the disconnected world that we find ourselves in today.

Recordings of Recent Presentations
Recordings Coming Soon…
Self Injury–The Family’s Role
(a follow-up presentation)
Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Pathological Narcissism
Borderline Personality Disorder and Substance Abuse: Information for Families
Library of Recorded Presentations

Explore our library of more than 25 presentations. We are adding more all the time. Head over to YouTube to start learning.

Explore our Library of Expert Education Presentations on YouTube

Topics include:

  • Lived experience — living with borderline personality disorder
  • Skills for family members — learning about dialectical thinking, relationship mindfulness, validation, and more
  • Mental health disorders — what does emotional dysregulation look like when someone also has another mental health disorder such as PTSD or OCD
  • Concerning behaviours — Gain understanding and skills to cope if your loved one is dealing with substance use, self-harm, or an eating disorder
  • Trauma — Learn about the intersection of trauma and BPD. Recognize the potential and impact of trauma on family members
  • Suicide, grief and loss
  • Evidence-based treatment modalities — Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Mentalization Based Therapy, Radically Open DBT, Mindfulness
  • Indigenous cultural safety and awareness
Featured Presentations
Understanding Emotion Dysregulation
Finding Balance Through Dialectics
DBT Skills for Family Members
Explore our Library of Expert Education Presentations on YouTube