Empowering family members and communities with life transforming skills and hope, through workshops and evidence-based programs at no charge

Family Connections Program

Evidence-based program for family and friends of those with emotion dysregulation

Family Connections

Join with community, friends and family to raise awareness, reduce stigma, and show our loved ones that we are with them on their journey to a life worth living

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Expert Education Series

Hear from international experts in the field of emotion dysregulation and related mental health issues

Expert Ed Series

March 10 is Sashbear’s Mindfulness Day

In this year’s Mindfulness Day video, Shining a Light on Relationship Mindfulness, Sashbear spoke with families, loved ones who live with emotion dysregulation, and mental health experts about mindfulness. We can use mindfulness to stay more present and less reactive, and thereby strengthen our relationships. Mindfulness can also help family members pay attention to their own emotional experience and tend to their own well-being. Mindfulness can help family members to better balance their loved one’s needs with their own needs. We hope this video inspires you to be more mindful in your own life.