May 25 2014 - The Borderline Walk

The Sashbear team is proud to announce its 2nd Annual Walk for The Sashbear Foundation. "The Borderline Walk" is happening right here in Toronto on Sunday, May 25th 2014 on the boardwalk overlooking Lake Ontario.

The purpose of the walk is to remove stigma and raise awareness about Mental Health and Borderline Personality Disorder. In an atmosphere of support and solidarity the walk gathers people of all ages, neighbourhoods and communities for a relaxed and fun event. We welcome back our "sandwich" board volunteers. They will join the walkers and display messages highlighting mental health challenges, statistics and words of encouragement.

We received numerous positive feedback from many of last year's 300 participants:

"A healing walk"
"It's such an honour to be part of this event!"
"Now I know...and will tell others. Thanks for sharing."
"My daughter was pleasantly surprised and happy to learn that so many people care about kids like her and came out to raise awareness and support for these kids."

Let's make waves together! Come out and support The Sashbear Foundation's The Borderline Walk. Bring your friends, bring your family, bring your neighbours and co-workers.


Watch our Borderline Walk video!


Registration / Pledges

You are welcome to walk with us anytime between 9:00 am and 12:00 pm with an official walk start time of 10:00 am. Registration opens at 9:00 am. Click on image below to access registration site. You can create or join a team, or pledge for a participant or a team!

The Borderline Walk Registration site



If you want to volunteer for this event please send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We have many volunteer opportunities available, including:

  • First Aid personnel (need certification)
  • "Sandwich" board walker
  • Information/Safety helper
  • Parking lot helper



We are proud to announce that Car Park Management will be our main sponsor for this year's walk. For details about additional sponsorship for this event please check registration site.


Your support makes a difference

With the money raised from this event we are disseminating the importance of early prevention, life coping skills and a more compassionate validating environment for everyone. We are bringing awareness and support to communities through our school talks, workshops and conference networking sessions.


The Borderline Walk Flyer

Below is a flyer of the walk. Feel free to click, print and distribute to promote the event.


About last year's The Borderline Walk

"The Borderline Walk" was a huge success last year, with just over 300 people participating and, on this sunny day, a lot of orange shirts could be seen on the boardwalk, along with our "sandwich people" carrying messages of awareness in front and back. The atmosphere was incredible and we heard wonderful comments from both participants and other people passing by. We sense a change is coming.

Here are some pictures taken during last year's event:

View the embedded image gallery online at:

And some inspirational messages written in the sand:

View the embedded image gallery online at:

Messages of awareness

The following messages of awareness were shown during the walk by our tireless volunteer "sandwich people" which carried them, one on their back and one on their front:

View the embedded image gallery online at:

Your donations made a difference

Donations to The Sashbear Foundation for this event exceeded our $5,000 goal.  

Thanks to you this money will help maintain and expand our efforts to raise awareness about mental illness and ways to support and help each other. Here are some of the efforts that your donations will help fund:

  • Borderline What? - a message of hope School Talks
  • Swim Relays
  • Peer support facilitation
  • Future events to raise awareness

To donate to The Sashbear Foundation click on donate button below.  The Sashbear Foundation is an Ontario approved charity (corp number 1889331) currently applying for CRA registered status. As a result no tax receipts can be given for donations to this event:

If you wish to receive a tax receipt for your donation please donate to The Sasha Menu Courey Fund at Mount Sinai Foundation were your donations will help  improve access to treatment of Emotion Regulation Disorder via expansion of DBT services at the Hospital.


  • We are all doing the best we can and we can all do better...
  • Let's remove stigma from mental illness and Borderline Personality Disorder...
  • We are all in this together, you are not alone...
  • Validation before problem solving...
  • Emotion Regulation Disorder is the new name for Borderline Personality Disorder...
  • Let's teach DBT skills in schools...
  • Let's intervene, let's intervene early...

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