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It has been an amazing year for the making waves for BPD group. In Sasha’s name, together, we are making a difference...

Thank you!

To the Sashbear group:
For those whose relentless support, encouragement and commitment helped us, from the very beginning to move forward and take action to make a difference for those living with BPD traits and their loved ones. No matter how busy was their schedule they made a commitment to meet as a group with us on a monthly basis to organize and launch and to implement its initiatives:
Felixe Cote
Jerome Cote
Annie Lebel
Barbara Schultz
John Schutlz
Paige Schultz

To those who joined the group shortly after, without hesitation, to help us out in any way possible with the various Sashbear group projects throughout the year:
Christine Kostecki
Annique Marko
Victoria McLean
Nicole Panning
To all those who gave the Sashbear group extra help for the various projects and events:
School talk Borderline…what?
Allyson Brown
Caitlin Connor
Christiane Godin
Kaleigh Heard
Joe Hladik
Jacqueline Kiere
Judy and Fred Loeffler
Lisa Nathanson
Carole Neira
Ralph Sette

Blue Nose Marathon
Kirsten Neuendorff
and all the Dalhousie University runners

Sasha's Legacy Celebration
Justin Belanger
George Benakis
Allison Coombs
Colin Coombs
Dawn Coombs
Steve Coombs
Julie Hayden
Celeste Marko
Chantal Panning

Sasha's Legacy Celebration sponsors
Dundas st. W: Joe's Pastizzi Plus and Ma Maison
Humbertown Plaza: Cobs Bread, Loblaws and Pasta Gourmet
Lloyd Manor: Metro
Thorncrest Plaza: Foodland and Java Joe's

Mizzou events
Meghan Brockington
Allyson Brown
Caitlin Connor
Joe Hladik
Colin Livasy
Lisa Nathanson
Ashley Paterson
Courtney Rhodenbaugh
Brigette Selbert
Mary Sheahen
Rolandis Woodland
To all the organizations that supported us throughout the year:
Behavioral Tech: Linda Dimeff and Tony Dubose
BPD Videos: Kevin Dawkins
CAMH: Lindsey Davies, Andrew Ekblad and Shelley McMain
Etobicoke Swim Club:  Linda Aach, Steve Goodwin, Kevin Thorburn
McLean 3East: Blaise Aguirre, Ariel Glick, Lin Ann Chin, Michael Hollander, Janna Hobbs
Mount Sinai Hospital: Dr Mary Preisman
NEABPD: Perry Hoffman
Project Borderline: Ariel Adams and  Brandon Marshall
TARA: Valerie Porr   

To all those who contributed to Sasha’s fund directly through Mount Sinai Hospital Foundation or via the Blue Nose marathon

To reporters who helped us bring attention to the story:
Columbia Tribune: Dave Briggs
Inside Toronto: Tamara Shephard
Midwest FoxNews: Andrew Astleford
The Maneater: Jimmy Hibsch
The Missourian: Felicia Greiff
Toronto Star: Allison Cross, Liam Casey

To the schools that opened their doors to hear Borderline What…? a message of hope; for the warm reception from both staff and students:
Senator O’Connor
Monsignor Percy Johnson
White Oaks Secondary

To all our family and friends, school and swimming friends, and neighbours
that have been helping us immensely on a personal level, to all of you that gave us kind words and support throughout the year, your amazing support has made everything possible.

To Sasha's heart recipient, whose appreciation for life is so inspiring

From the bottom of our heart, thank you all for giving us hope!

Your support is truly making waves on BPD for a better world!
Kayla, Lynn and Mike

Thank you!

  • We are all doing the best we can and we can all do better...
  • Let's remove stigma from mental illness and Borderline Personality Disorder...
  • We are all in this together, you are not alone...
  • Validation before problem solving...
  • Emotion Regulation Disorder is the new name for Borderline Personality Disorder...
  • Let's teach DBT skills in schools...
  • Let's intervene, let's intervene early...

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